Terms and Conditions

Last Update Date: August 15, 2022

Rastel.io provides a network of intelligent and secure bicycle shelters that can be monitored and accessed through a mobile application.

Rastel.io Solutions SRL operates the rastel.io website, the web application app.rastel.io, and owns the Rastel.io brand.

To become a user and use the bicycle shelters, individuals must accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions displayed in the Rastel.io application and on the Rastel.io website, as outlined in the following paragraphs ("Terms and Conditions"). The application is in the testing phase, so the Terms and Conditions may be subject to changes at any time. We encourage you to periodically check the displayed Terms and Conditions to stay informed about the latest version.

Terms and Conditions Overview:

General Terms and Conditions – The general terms and conditions encompass a set of rules and procedures that regulate the Rastel.io Platform and the contract governing the relationship between the User and the Rastel.io Platform. These terms are accepted by both parties upon the creation of an account and checking the box "I agree to the Terms and Conditions."

Rastel.io – The website, application, and brand with this name owned by Rastel.io Solutions SRL, which provides secure bicycle parking services using the technology developed by them.

User - Any person utilizing the Rastel.io application.

Platform - The web application rastel.io based on the rastel.io website, used to access bicycle shelters, accessible at app.rastel.io.

Website - The rastel.io site.

Shelter - The device provided by Rastel.io for the purpose of parking bicycles.

Bike Rack - A support structure for storing bicycles.

2. General Provisions:

Please read these terms and conditions carefully for the optimal use of the Platform. The use of this Platform implies the tacit acceptance of the terms and conditions presented below, representing the understanding (contract) between the parties.

As the owner of the website, Rastel.io reserves the right to change and update its content at any time, as well as the Personal Data Processing Policy and Cookies Policy without prior notice. Therefore, please visit this section periodically to check the updated terms and conditions.

2.1 Use of the Platform and the Website requires the User's information systems to meet certain technical requirements, such as using a mobile device to access the Platform.

2.2 Browsing the website, followed by registration and use of the Platform, is equivalent to the User's reading, understanding, and express acceptance of the Rastel.io Terms and Conditions.

3. Use of the Rastel.io Platform:

3.1 To use the Rastel.io Platform and access the bicycle shelters, creating a user account is necessary.

3.2 Any reading, copying, or manipulation of the application's source code, regardless of the means used, is strictly prohibited. Violating this prohibition will result in the immediate and automatic prohibition of the User's access to the platform and the services offered through it. The User will bear any damages and costs resulting from this violation of the terms and conditions.

3.3 To access Rastel.io services, Users will be required to read and accept the Terms and Conditions of platform and shelter usage during registration, marking the beginning of the contractual relationship between Rastel.io and the User. After completing the registration and validation process, users can use the bicycle parking services safely through the platform.

3.4 During registration, the User will be asked for their name, surname, email address, phone number, bicycle model, as well as choosing a username and password. The collected data will only be used for the purposes mentioned in the Personal Data Processing Policy.

3.5 To use the application, the User must have a mobile device with access to a stable internet connection and a browser. The application cannot be accessed from the web version using a laptop or computer.

3.6 Rastel.io reserves the right to collect and process data on the use of the Shelter for statistical purposes, and these will be anonymized. More details can be found in the Personal Data Processing Policy.

4. Use of the Shelter:

By using the Platform and the Shelter and by checking the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, you agree to the following rules for using the Shelter:

4.1 The Shelter can only be used through the Platform. To use the Shelter, creating a User account on the platform is necessary.

4.2 To view available Shelters on the map, the User will be asked for access to geolocation data available through the GPS of the mobile device. When the User is within a distance of a maximum of 5 meters from the Shelter, its use will become possible through the Platform. When the opening message is transmitted, the application will remotely act on the Shelter's lock.

4.3 Each User has the right to park only one bicycle per session.

4.4 To use the Shelter, the User must be at least 16 years old.

4.5 The maximum time allocated for bicycle parking is 36 hours. At the expiration of the 36-hour term, we reserve the right to remove the bicycle from the Shelter, along with any accessories. If the bicycle is secured with a locking system, in some cases, it may be destroyed to remove the bicycle.

4.6 In case the bicycle is removed due to exceeding the time limit, the User has no right to claim compensation or damages for any damage caused by the removal of the bicycle or for any damage to the bicycle or its accessories.

4.7 If the bicycle is removed due to exceeding the time limit, we reserve the right to keep it for 14 days, during which it can be picked up at an additional cost. In the case of non-pickup within this period, we reserve the right to sell or donate the abandoned bicycle.

4.8 The Shelter can be used by multiple people simultaneously. Therefore, securing the bicycle inside the Shelter is strongly encouraged. We are not responsible for theft, damage, or destruction of the bicycle.

4.9 Rastel.io has the right, at any time and without prior notice, to partially or totally close, temporarily or permanently, the use of the Shelter and change its location. Before the move, Users will be notified 3 days in advance about the change of location and will be asked to release the Shelter. If bicycles are inside the Shelter at the time of the move, even though users have been notified, we reserve the right to remove the bicycles inside.

4.10 The facilities offered are intended for the exclusive use of the User and are non-transferable. Spaces will be used strictly for the storage of a bicycle owned or in the care of the User. No other accessories or items can be stored in the Shelter.

4.11 Insurance is not included in the User status. Parking bicycles in the Shelter is done at the User's own risk. Therefore, we recommend ensuring that your bicycle is secure, using a high-quality lock with a security level appropriate for the value of your bicycle.

4.12 When using the Shelter, the User must make all reasonable efforts to avoid damage to it or any other object contained in the Rack.

4.13 Storing any prohibited items in the provided facilities, except bicycles, is strictly forbidden.

4.14 Any prohibited items will be removed by Rastel.io, and any costs will be borne by the User. The User is not entitled to any compensation or refund for any removed goods.

4.15 The Shelter is one of the safest storage options for your bicycle. However, unforeseen situations may occur, and although the Shelters are designed to be durable, they are not impenetrable to a determined and well-equipped thief. Rastel.io is not responsible for theft, destruction, or damage to the bicycle. If you have been a victim of such an unpleasant incident, please contact us at contact@rastel.io.

4.16 In the case of any malfunctions affecting the normal operation of the Shelter, Rastel.io will respond within 24 hours. If you report any malfunction or are directly affected by a Shelter malfunction, please contact us at contact@rastel.io.

5. User Obligations:

The User must adhere to the following obligations:

6. Termination of Service Use:

6.1 The User has the right to terminate the use of the Service at any time, for any reason. There is no obligation to notify Rastel.io in case of termination. However, if there is a desire to delete any data or personal information related to the created account, or the User must communicate this request in writing to contact@rastel.io. Following such a request, Rastel.io will arrange to delete the account within a reasonable time, although some information may be retained for a limited period, as stated in the Personal Data Processing Policy. For more details, please read the Personal Data Processing Policy.

6.2 The Company has the right, at any time and without prior notice, to partially or completely close, temporarily or permanently, the Service offered.

7. Copyright:

The content of rastel.io and app.rastel.io is the exclusive property of Rastel.io.

7.1 Rastel.io guarantees the User limited access to the website and platform for personal use (use of the bicycle parking service or information) and does not grant the right to download or modify the website in whole or in part, to reproduce the website in whole or in part, to copy, sell/resell, or exploit the website in any other way, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of Rastel.io without its prior written consent.

7.2 Databases, programs, graphic elements are the property of Rastel.io or, as the case may be, the providers of the products offered in connection with the website and are protected by Law no. 8/1996, regarding copyright and related rights, with subsequent amendments and completions.

7.3 Copying, storing, modifying, in whole or in part, the website is strictly prohibited and is punished according to the laws in force regarding the protection of copyright. As a user, you fully agree with the above.

8. Information Security:

8.1 According to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR), Law no. 190/2018 on the implementation measures of this Regulation and Law no. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, the information provided by you will be used by Rastel.io exclusively for the purpose stated in the Personal Data Processing Policy.

8.2 You are not obligated to provide your personal data, but the refusal makes it impossible to use the bicycle shelter in the absence of a user account.

8.3 Rastel.io undertakes not to disclose or sell databases containing information regarding the personal data of its customers and has taken all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of your personal data. If the use of your data for the purpose of conducting campaigns is considered, your explicit consent will be requested.

8.4 To exercise your User rights under data protection legislation, and for more details, you can find in the Personal Data Processing Policy and in the Cookies Policy.

9. Conciliation:

In case you have a complaint about the services offered by Rastel.io, please send us an email at contact@rastel.io. Any conflict between customers and the company is attempted to be resolved amicably, through understanding between the two parties. If the conflict is not resolved amicably, jurisdiction belongs to the Romanian courts, according to the current legislation.

10. Limitation of Liability:

10.1 Rastel.io does not guarantee that the rastel.io platform, the servers on which it is hosted, or the emails sent are free of viruses or other potentially harmful computer components, that it does not contain errors, omissions, defects, delays, or interruptions in operation or transmission, line drops, or any other similar disruptive factors. The User uses the rastel.io platform at their own risk, with Rastel.io being exempt from any liability for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use or access of rastel.io and the Rastel.io web application or as a result of using information from the rastel.io platform.

10.2 Rastel.io is not responsible for damages caused by the malfunction of the rastel.io platform or those that arise due to the inability to access it.

10.3 Rastel.io is not responsible for any theft, damage, or destruction as a result of Shelter use.

10.4 Rastel.io is not responsible for any damage caused by the improper use of the Shelter, with negligence or in a state of intoxication.

11. Other Provisions

11.1 These Terms and Conditions, the Platform, the Website, and contractual relationships are entirely governed by Romanian law.

11.2 Rastel.io reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at its discretion periodically, with or without notice. The terms and conditions applicable to the provided services will be the current version displayed on this site. The use of services after modifications constitutes the User's agreement to the occurring changes. It is strongly recommended to frequently check this page, referring to the date of the last modification listed under the title.

12. Contact

If you have any questions regarding the content of this document, feel free to contact us via email at contact@rastel.io.