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Bicycle parking solutions

Learn more about our range of solutions designed specifically for your needs when it comes to securing and sheltering bicycles

Smart and secure shelters

Smart and secure shelters

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Mobile application

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Resource management portal

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Dedicated solutions for bicycle parking

Dedicated solutions for bicycle parking

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We accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility by providing turnkey solutions for bicycle parking


We use the latest technologies to offer you the best experience when it comes to access and traceability


We prioritize an approach that is easy to adapt to your needs, regardless of possible constraints

Partners and Projects

Heraklion's Journey to Sustainable Cycling with Smart Solar-Powered Parking Hubs


Location: Heraklion, Greece

The final days of November 2023 found us introducing our pioneering smart and secure parking hubs to the city of Heraklion, Greece. This city-wide network, consisting of ten solar-powered hubs strategically placed in key locations, has swiftly become a beacon of innovation in urban mobility.

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Urban Mobility Pilot Project

Dubnica project photo

Location: Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovakia

In early November 2023, we marked a significant milestone by introducing our pioneering smart-hub, a modular and solar powered bicycle parking facility, in the city of Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovakia. This cutting-edge hub is composed of multiple modules, providing options for individual or shared bike parking. What sets it apart is its adaptability, allowing expansion through the addition of new modules to cater to the unique requirements of cyclists in any given area.

This innovative solution not only revolutionises bike parking but also underscores our commitment to creating sustainable and cyclist-friendly urban environments. By seamlessly integrating IoT technology and modular design, we've created a smart hub that addresses the evolving needs of cyclists, while promoting a greener and more efficient mode of transportation.

Cyclists now have a secure and convenient parking option, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly city. The modular design ensures scalability, making it a versatile solution adaptable to diverse urban settings.

For a glimpse into the secure parking facilities brought to life by this transformative project, explore the images here. This project stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and the creation of smart, cyclist-friendly urban spaces, marking the beginning of a new era in urban mobility.

The project was financed and supported by EIT Urban Mobility through the RAPTOR program.

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Safe Space for Bikes at the Gym


Location: Târgu Jiu, Romania

We love seeing people determined to bring positive change to their community.

That's exactly what Lucian did in May 2023 when he decided to install a smart and secure bike shelter at his gym in Targu Jiu.


Transforming an Old Garage into a Modern Bike Parking


Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

One of our dearest projects took place in October 2022.

With the help of the Com'On Cluj-Napoca initiative, we converted an old garage from a communist-era neighborhood into a smart and secure bike parking.

The garage is powered by solar energy, and a local graffiti artist added a touch of street culture. The project shows how existing infrastructure can be repurposed to create a network of smart and secure bike parkings.


Installation of Over 200 Bike Racks at West University of Timisoara


Location: Timișoara, Romania

In January 2023, our team installed over 200 classic bike racks at more than 17 locations on the campus of West University of Timisoara.

These can be used to secure over 400 bikes and are used daily by students and university staff, receiving positive feedback from day one.


A Safe Space for Bikes, More Free Space in the Office


Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

In August 2022, we implemented the first smart and secure bike parking in Romania, at Liberty Technology Park.

Those with offices in the park now have a safe space for their bikes and are rewarded for choosing to commute to work by bike.


Latest News

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A talk with Romania Insider

Here's our latest interview with Romania insider:

"Romanian startup, whose story started at an innovation hackathon in Oradea, has developed a range of solutions designed for secure bike parking. As part of EIT Urban Mobility programs, it implemented projects in Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovakia, and Heraklion, Greece, and it is looking to expand its reach further."

Networking & Social Night, by Transilvania IT Cluster & ABC Incubator - July edition

In an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and energy, the fifth edition of Networking & Social Night took place, organized by the Transilvania IT Cluster team in partnership with ABC Incubator. The event brought together our community once again: technology enthusiasts, innovators, and entrepreneurs from the IT industry, to share ideas and discover interesting projects.

The most anticipated moment, as usual, was the pitch presentations. This time there were four of them, all in the field of mobility, and two of the representatives came all the way from Oradea to present their ideas. The startups Dash, Tech Aid,, and shared their innovative projects, capable of making a significant contribution to the development of sustainable and efficient mobility.

Meet the 12 start-ups that won the 2023 RAPTOR competition!

Rapid environmental changes are impacting our cities and require rapid and innovative actions. The Rapid Applications for Transport (RAPTOR) Programme seeks to do so via its agile competition. The RAPTOR competition matches European cities facing urban mobility challenges with start-ups with innovative mobility solutions. While each of the city challenges and proposed solutions are different, the common theme woven throughout is the urgency of the transition to more sustainable transport.

Pilot project in Oradea - secure parking system for bicycles

The idea of won first prize at the solution competition at Urbanize Hub in Oradea in 2021. The engineers who were part of the initiating team have now reached the stage of launching the project in the field.

The story of the Bistrița specialist in aerospace engineering, who created a smart parking for bicycles

Horea Toniuc, a 27-year-old from Bistrița, came up with a solution for those who want to keep their bicycles safe and not have to carry them up stairs daily, even 3-4 floors. He set up a smart bike parking system that can be operated with a phone. Already two such parks are functional in Cluj-Napoca, and the Bistrița specialist in aerospace engineering does not want to stop here.

4 innovative business ideas, developed by entrepreneurs from Romania, included in the Orange Fab business accelerator

Four Romanian startups, which develop innovative tech ideas, have been additionally included in the Orange Fab acceleration program, the telecommunications company informed in a press release on Wednesday. enters the #mobiliy #innovation #marketplace with two products:

🔐 A modular, smart and secure bike shelter to keep your bike safe and dry

📱 An access control system to manage your bike storage facility and promote cycling

The Mobility Innovation Marketplace by EIT Urban Mobility provides #cities with access to best-in-class mobility solutions that are already available today to create more liveable urban spaces. 📲 ♻ 🛴 🚲 🚎 🚋

Startup Pitch:, the solution that keeps your bike safe is a digital bike parking solution, through which cyclists can find a parking space, park their bike, lock it, and monitor it. In practice, they will never forget where they left their bike and will be free from the worry of possible theft. One of the founders, Horea Toniuc, will explain how the network of smart and secure shelters for bicycles that can be monitored and accessed through a mobile app works.

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Horea Toniuc

Horea Toniuc